My Finistère - Roman baths and eternal bliss

Not quite Finistère - I'm on the other bank of the beautiful Douron estuary at Locquirec - technically Cote D'Armor.  Here, the natural rise of sandy dunes and blue green cypress pines create a dappled oasis.  Wandering through the trees on this balmy, summer afternoon .... following old tracks and enjoying the moment .... I find myself at the ruins of the Hogolo Roman baths.  Built in the 1st century AD., I wonder how many people, over thousands of years, have cherished this coast .... that appreciation of beauty and leisure time have always existed.

Interesting fact:  The remains of the Hogolo Roman bathhouse were only discovered by accident in 1892 - they'd been abandoned in the 3rd century AD. and buried under sand dunes.

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