My Finistère - Roscoff Romance

I love working, fishing ports - old towns that still bustle with locals, and mesmerize with their abundance of regional produce and freshly caught seafood.  In the little Breton port of Roscoff, we took time-out for a leisurely al fresco lunch at a harbour-side bistrot.  Positioned on the far tip of north west Finistère, the harbour is alive with trawlers and lobster creels.  Handsome grey granite 16th and 17th century houses, churches and lighthouses envelop the quay.  Views towards offshore islands and distant white sandy beaches further add to the charm that makes Roscoff hard to resist. 

(And it was awarded the coveted status - Petite cité de caractère de Bretagne in 2009, but shhh, let's keep it to ourselves ...).

Did you spot Roscoff's famous red onions hanging on the wall of a house?

Limited Edition Photographs available, please request a print by email : 

I'm a professional artist inspired by the coast of Cornwall, Scotland and Brittany - Melanie McDonald Gallery

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